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Rajshree, Adoptee

“Angana is the only other person I have met who is adopted. It was so comfortable talking to her about my journey and vice-versa. So glad she started Udaan because these stories need to be heard and people have a space now to share their stories too.”

Alex, Adoptive Parent

“I loved sharing my story with Udaan and the amazing people in their community! They are doing such cool things by bringing light to stories that are changing the face of adoption and in effect, the world”

Michelle, Adoptee

“I'm a true believer in the power of community as providing a source of healing and understanding for adoptees. We cannot effectively heal solely on our own. We need one another because no one speaks the language of adoption like we do. And, so, I appreciate the work of @u2adoption (Udaan) for forging connection and community and for urging adoptees out of the shadows and into the light. I'm proud to stand with them, adoptee-to-adoptee.”


Birth Mother

"I was very happy to have someone listen to my story and include my voice in the adoption community. Transparency will help our society make progress in creating a kinder world. And it's really nice to see a platform include the entire adoption triad so we can learn to understand each other and make adoptions a positive experience for everyone.

Denise, Adoptee

“In January of 2019 UDAAN reached out to me to share my story as an adoptee. I was nervous at first but they guided me through what to say and were very patient with me as I crafted what I wanted to share. Sharing my story was a very freeing and empowering experience. I am so thankful for their platform and have told other members of the triad to share their own stories to bring healing to not only themselves but to others!” 

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