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Elena with her sister, Lara.

"I was adopted from Russia in 1995 just 18 months after I was born. I do not know why my birth parents relinquished their rights, but after being in an orphan wing of the hospital my adoptive parents came and got me and we were off to the USA. I am thankful that I was adopted by a wonderful family and I also have a sister, Lara, who was also adopted from Russia.  While Lara and I are not blood-related, we were both raised always knowing we were adopted and we had a level of love for our unknown birth families. My parents not only always spoke positively about our adoptions but if we were sad about abandonment or had questions- they were (and still are) there for us. Non-adopted people do not understand the weight of the word “adoption” and all the good and bad emotions that come with that word.  Adoption is a wonderful thing if it is in the best interest of the child. It is hard to think about all the “what if’s” in life, but I have faith and trust God that adoption was the best option for us."

(Dallas, TX, USA)

Elena has recently published a collection of stories from Adoptees all over the world called "Through Adopted Eyes", which can now be purchased on Amazon.com. You can also connect with Elena on Instagram @throughadopotedeyes .