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““My name is Jivan Petit and I’m deaf. I was adopted from India but raised in France. For my education, I completed my bachelor’s degree at Strayer University in Information Science with Web Development in Washington DC. I also received an Associate Degree of Optical Tech at the National Technical Institute of Deaf in Rochester, New York. I was working in an Optical lab job for 7 years. After getting my degrees, I was looking for a job in web design in France.


I was born in India, but I don’t know which part. I was later found abandoned in a village where the Mother Teresa Foundation found me and brought me to the Missionary Charity in New Delhi. My parents adopted me at the age of 1 from New Delhi and brought me to France. My father is French, and my mother is American. I’m so happy with them and have loved them from day one. I’m 42 years old and I’ve been with them for the last 41 years. I am so grateful for my adoptive family and I would never lose touch with them, but I have this deep desire to find out more about my past.


My real name is “Jeewan”, but I changed it to “Jivan” in France. It’s possible that my heritage is Bihari or East Indian. I want to find out more about my biological parents and my birthplace. To find out more, I visited the Missionary Charity in Delhi and Kolkata, but they couldn’t find my record. In New Delhi, the Nun said that the book listing all the adoptees was damaged by a flood in 1978.


I recently made a solo trip to India and went to Mother Teresa’s in Kolkata for the first time and got very emotional. I couldn’t stop crying because of how grateful I felt towards Mother Teresa. I got overwhelmed with emotions because I couldn’t stop thinking about how she saved my life and how she took care of me when I had no one!


My adventure was wonderful. I am so thankful for the experience and all the emotions that I felt in India. I really miss it and hope to visit India again soon.” (France)

Jivan is living in France. Keep up with him on Facebook @JivanPetit and on Instagram @civanno13.