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"I was left on the steps of a Chinese police station when I was less than 24 hours old. Soon I was in the government-run orphanage refusing to eat and without being held. After about 7 weeks, a private group home visited the orphanage and picked me along with a few others. I was nursed back to health and sent to live with a foster family. By the time I was 6 months old, I was being adopted and moving to the United States. I have a loving adoptive family and am living out my dreams. Despite all of this, I still experience the grief and trauma of adoption. I am still overwhelmed with confusion because I don’t know how I can miss a family I do not know. As a transracial adoptee, I struggle with learning the culture and language of China while being reminded daily that I am not white.

I am always in this “in-between” space.  And that’s okay."

(Austin, TX, USA) 

Lilly is a transracial adoptee advocating for equality and adoptee rights. You can follow her work on Instagram @AdopteeLilly and subscribe to her videos on YouTube