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"I was born in India and got placed in the Children's home of Mother Theresa in New Delhi. At the age of 3, I was adopted by a family in Switzerland. When I was 12, my adoptive brother and I had to move to a foster care family due to child protection. We had an incredible time at first with our new family. When we moved in, they promised us that we would be like "one" of their children - a part of their family. They had four children of their own who were younger than my brother and me. In my teens, when things got a little complicated - they told me that it's better to move to another family. So, at the age of 15, I moved to my third family. Between the ages of 12 and 15, I changed my family twice, my home and school four times.

As an adoptee, you get used to adapting yourself in every situation for the sake of not getting in trouble or the fear of not "belonging" somewhere. By the time I reached my third family, I wasn't speaking that much. I was so afraid of losing this family. A couple of questions I always asked myself, "what is wrong with me?" and "why am I so different from the others?" In my case, I had to deal with three different sets of parents. I tried to please and satisfy all of them, and in the end, I lost myself.


Today, I am working as a coach for adoptees to help them find their truth, peace and love.”


Rahel lives in Switzerland and works as an Adoptee Empowerment Coach. Keep up with her work on Instagram and Facebook @rahelchristen.