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Angana with her family

“I was adopted within the same family. My parents couldn't conceive. They tried everything but nothing worked for them. My family members were kind enough to give birth to a child for them. I was 5 when I stumbled upon my birth certificate, which had pictures of my biological parents on it. I remember crying and asking my mom why their picture was attached instead of my parents? She explained to me that they're my biological parents. When I was growing up my mother made it a point to be honest with me and have an open discussion regarding my adoption. She answered all the questions a 5-year-old would have and told me about my birth parents too. It felt normal. I didn’t feel confused or ashamed and it didn’t feel like a dirty secret because there was always an open dialogue between me and my parents. They created a safe place for me to ask them all my questions and not make me feel any different. So did my other family members too.

I have a great equation with my biological parents and siblings and for me, the only way to look at it is how grateful I am to be surrounded by people (my parents) who wanted me in their life with all their heart and others (my biological parents) who wanted to be a part of my life and their life too. I was blessed to have people around me who dint make me feel any different. However, in hindsight, I realised some of my issues might have stemmed from this. I always had low self-esteem and abandonment issues and talking to someone who was also adopted made me realise that it might have been a struggle because of this. Even though my family, especially my parents, was open about it, I think I had my own struggle in understanding and making sense of all this confusion. All said and done, I wouldn't have it any other way because my adoption, my parents, my family are the reason I'm becoming the person I am and on most days I'm happy with that.”

(Mumbai, India)

Rajshree is living in Mumbai, India with her parents where she’s working as a Chartered Accountant in the Aditya Birla Group in the Strategy & Business Planning Team. Keep up with her on Instagram @rajshreerathi.