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"HELLO, beautiful people and community here at U2Adoption! My name is Samuel John Taggett, but I was born, Josilito Ramirez, and I have been a professional musician for the last 15 years. I currently tour and perform as a DJ affectionately referred to as ShoeboxMoses. A backstory is probably in order at this point. 

Like many of the stories in our community, our start in this life was not an easy one, and for some, it was downright awful. My beginnings started as a new-born left in a shoebox and found in a dumpster, rescued by two police officers and raised for a year at the RSCC an Orphanage in Quezon City of the Philippines. I was also fortunate to be one of the last groups of children to be adopted out of the Philippines in the ’70s before friction between the U.S. and the Philippines began.

My adoptive parents have been my inspiration and guide through this life! Especially in the pillars, I hold the most sacred, Love of family (both immediate and adopted), Faith in a Living God and Universal source, and Music as the power to heal! My parents were not only courageous by adopting me, but they were also determined. Shortly after I arrived, I was joined by a brother, and later a sister both from Korea this time, so our little family was now a party of 5.

It wasn’t until my later years that my curiosity for understanding my ancestry and knowing my origin story would lead me back to my homeland.  2015 would mark the first time I would set foot in the Philippines almost 39 years later.

This journey brought forth some incredible experiences and shaped a new reality for me. The most important thing is it fostered a new mission. On that trip, I first learned of my origin that of being left and found in a shoebox, which ignited a deeper calling to be of service to orphans around the world, but using my creative platform as an entertainer.

Thus accelerating my journey down the road of entertainment.

So how did this all start, how did I become a DJ?
My journey to the main stage as a DJ actually started with one of the most unique jobs, I was a bathroom attendant at a Denver nightclub. From my vantage point as a bathroom attendant, I had a line of sight to the DJs. I would watch hour after hour and dance in the bathroom usually alone, but always picturing myself on the stage. I knew I had a bigger purpose in my life than handing out paper towels and spraying down toilets.
Moreover, though, the house music that I was hearing would take me to another world.

Using my tip money night after night I would buy the DJs drinks in trade for their quick training on how to mix song after song. Until one day I had my break and was allowed to play 5 songs to a packed crowd. I remember the feeling of complete liberation and understanding something about music that I had never quite understood. It was one of the times that I truly saw the power of music to move people in a different way. That night changed my life forever, and it was the tip of the spear into a world that has since exploded for me.

Since going from bathrooms to mainstages, I have been blessed to play for some of the biggest acts in the world, even playing with some of my idols in the EDM scene. But one of my crowning achievements professionally came when I was asked to play for Sir Richard Branson on his private Necker Island home with the Maverick1000 entrepreneurial group. It was at that time that the paradigm shifted for me marking a spot in my personal journey where I had reached a massive professional summit.

Music continues to take me to corners of the world that I could never have done on my own, and it has most recently led me back to my humble beginnings in Quezon City where I now work with my orphanage, the RSCC. With my team, we work to help aide and educate the children of the RSCC by providing new learning platforms for both educator and student. 2019 marks the second year as an accredited non-profit and we are excited as we know we are just getting started!

All of these little stops have somehow shaped the person that I am today, even though I’m still figuring out what it all means as I look back on my journey.

You can never connect the dots looking forward.

I would like to recognize the courage it took for everyone to share their stores here, and a huge shout out to U2Adoption for providing a great start to sharing adoption stories like mine from around the world.

Many times we forget as adoptees that we are true survivors. It is now our mission to learn how to go beyond surviving but learning to thrive in our short brilliant time here on Earth. Hope this finds you guys all thriving and blessed. Much Love. Samuel John Taggett, aka, DJ ShoeboxMoses.”

(California, CA, USA)

A philanthropist and a professional DJ, Samuel lives in California, USA and travels around the world, following his heart and passion. Keep up with him on Instagram @shoeboxmoses and follow his non-profit organisation on