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"I was adopted when I was two weeks old! My parents and siblings are Caucasian, and they always loved me as their own. I grew up with faith in God, and when I turned 30, I wanted to find out more about myself! I searched for my birth family through social media, and a friend found them within three months! Since then, it has been an adventure in getting to know them! I found out that I am 1 of 7 kids. I am smack dab in the middle, and I was the only one given up for adoption. I know God had a hand in everything, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be!


Initially, it was hard not having people around me that did not look like me. The only connection I had with my birth family was a picture of my birth mother and two siblings that my adoptive parents framed for me.  When I got the chance to meet my birth family, I wondered, "why me?" when all the others were still with her! However, I still wanted to seek out my birth mother to thank her! It has been such a great experience for me. Deep down, I know how blessed and loved I am!


 Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom and have a health and wellness business online. I also am collecting adoption stories to share with my followers, and it has been something that lights up my soul!"
(Utah, United States)

Melaina lives in Utah with her family and works on her health and wellness business. Keep in touch with her on Instagram @melainakrogers