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Christa with her family

“My husband and I both knew we wanted to grow our family through adoption. We have backgrounds in social work and have spent many years serving in foster care. In 2012, we started talking about taking that next step to grow our family. I always felt pulled towards international adoption, and it was important to us that we adopted from a country where at least one of us had a connection, and for me, that was Japan. We had NEVER heard of anyone adopting from Japan before, so I researched for a solid year before we started the process. It wasn’t impossible per se, but certainly complicated and not super likely. On March 1, 2013, we officially started the process with shaky feet. Our process was different as we did a private international adoption, and there were many times I wondered if this would ever happen. In September of 2014, we took our first trip to Japan to visit our agency. In January of 2014, I received a phone call with a referral for a baby boy, and we said yes. Six weeks later, we were on a plane to Japan, and on March 1st, 2014, we landed back in Texas with our son in our arms.


It’s impossible to capture our whole story in just a few words, and it’s easy when giving these “nutshell” versions to sound like a fairy tale, but I can assure you no adoption story comes without loss and hardships. It is full of beauty and pain intertwined on all sides. One thing that was really hard during our process is we didn’t have something like wait time. Doing a private international adoption, there was no waitlist, it was merely you get a call when you get a call. We also had no community – no Facebook group with our agency, no one we travelled with, etc. We didn’t know if we would be waiting 6 months or 6 years, and it was hard not having anyone also walking that same road who understood that. I’ll never forget our first trip to Japan, I lost it in our hotel just seeing the magnitude of what we were doing if it was really possible. The moment I met my son, though, I knew I was wrecked in all the best ways. Stepping back and looking at all of the pieces of strangers’ stories from across the world coming together is truly amazing and humbling to me.


Now, I am staying home full time and home-schooling my son – the best job! I am also a writer and have written two books. With my skillset in social work, my experience as an adoptive parent, and a writer at heart, I am now using my gifts to educate others on the road to foster care and adoption. I have seen a huge need in this community for better education and preparation that foster and adoptive parents have not been getting and watching as it causes more hurt and heartbreak than it should. In response to that, I created the workbook Before You Adopt: A Guide To The Questions You Should Be Asking for hopeful foster and adoptive parents and anyone who needs to figure out if this is the right for their family, and WHAT path to take, how to find the right professionals to work with, etc. I had been having these types of conversations or around my dinner table and realized this is a need in this community. And the best way for me to help the most people would be to put it in book form. I also just published my latest book, Moving Mountains, which really tells our story of the past 10 years. All the hopes, all the mistakes and failures, all the mountains moved in our life from marriage to finances to growing our family through adoption, struggles in motherhood, Moving Mountains is a book anyone could relate to. My hope is that whether I’m educating or sharing our story, I leave people feeling more encouraged than when they first arrived and hopefully made them think outside of the box and look at the bigger picture.”

(Texas, TX, USA)

Christa actively works to help hopeful foster and adoptive parents, helping them with their adoption journey. She has come out with two books. Keep up with Christa on Facebook and Instagram @spoonfulofjordanblog.