2019.03.08 - Kindred Team Meeting Photos
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Hannah with her family

“We had ten days to get ready for twins after hearing a few words that would forever change of lives - “I am confident I want you to be the girls' parents.” We didn’t meet our daughters’ birth mom until the day before the girls were born. I told her at dinner that night that tomorrow was her day - and if she wanted me there, I was there, and if not, that was okay too. She stopped me mid-sentence, grabbed my hand, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Tomorrow is our day.” And that’s the beauty of open adoption. Two moms welcoming their two beautiful daughters to this world, together. Shared motherhood. I knew I would love my girls instantly, but no one prepared for me for the instant and wrecking love I would have for the woman that choose me and said yes to me. She made me a mom. She is the hero of this story.


After going through the domestic adoption process, I started Kindred + Co. (@kindedand.co) to create a community for all in the triad, a place where all voices could be lifted up, especially the voices of birth moms and adoptees - a place that shares both the beauty and the brokenness of adoption, where we can listen and learn from each other, and hold each other's stories with care. I am also on the Board of On Your Feet Foundation which provides support to birth moms after placement.”

(Chicago, IL, USA)

Hannah lives in Chicago with her two beautiful daughters and her husband. She runs @kindredand.co, where they build awareness around the adoption triad and share stories of all experiences. Follow her on Instagram @heloge.