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Brian, Ashley, and Lane Middleton

"Earlier this year, we were so fortunate to be able to adopt our baby, Lane, through open adoption! Our entire adoption process was mostly smooth but emotional. Initially, the main challenge we faced was dealing with an emotional scammer regarding a potential adoption, but we were able to overcome this challenge quite smoothly.


Looking back, if we were to do things differently, I wish we hadn't posted that our son's first mother has chosen us so publicly because it was still her choice. She did not commit to us, no matter how badly we wanted to adopt her baby. I asked her if she was comfortable with us being public about the adoption on our Facebook page and she was encouraging of it but looking bad I feel cringy about doing it.


However, since Lane has entered our lives, it has been incredible. We love him more than words can express, and we cherish every moment with him. We have a great open adoption relationship with Lane's biological mom and biological family. We have had two visits till date (we live 9 hours away from each other) and we video chat weekly with Lane's birth mom.


Adjusting to life as parents was far different from what I expected. As a full-time nanny in the past, I thought I had what it takes to become a parent. I was wrong. Being a parent is so so different from a nanny. It takes so much from your both emotionally and physically, but I would do it all over again."

Brian and Ashley are living in Kentucky with their adoptive child, Lane. Keep up with their journey with Lane on Instagram @our_life_with_lane.
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