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“When I was 25, I found myself facing the most impossible decision of my life. I was living through an unexpected pregnancy and trying to decide if I wanted to parent or place him for adoption. Through a failed abortion, months of denial, fear and heartbreak I decided to walk the path of adoption. My son is now 14 years old, and we work so hard daily to make our relationship work for all member of our triad involved. It matters to me, I matter to him, and he matters to all of us.


“Adoption is easy,” SAID NO ONE EVER. This has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. With so little education and support, I fought my way through so many painful years, self-destructive behaviour and careless acts that almost cost me my life, the life of another and more emotional damage than my therapist could handle. BUT through the community, mental health resources and forgiveness, I have found a space to heal, to love myself, to work through my trauma and to live a life filled with passion post-placement.


I’m the owner of Big Tough Girl and Founder & Executive Director of Lifetime Healing Foundation set out to seek increased care, understanding, and resources for birth mothers. My journey started long before my adoption story and has continued and will for life. I have so much to share, to talk about, to learn. And I know, like you, that when you find yourself faced with a choice…it will always have consequence, and it is my prayer that we can help you live through your choices…no matter what they are. BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED THE SUPPORT.”

(Utah, USA)

Ashley has been one of the most consistent and sought-after birth mother voices in the USA. Well known for her vulnerability and transparency in adoption, her story has touched the hearts of countless members of the adoption community and beyond! Keep up with Ashley on Instagram @bigtoughgirl.