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“I was 17 when I met Bethany Christian Services. I wish I never had as their adoption counselling resulted in the separation and extreme isolation from my beloved child. I don’t remember my father and my mother was very abusive. I fled her home when I was 15.

Ever since the birth of my child, I continue to strive on becoming a better a person. I am in a constant state of personal development in every aspect of my life; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. While constant development is a high for me, a low for me is that I weep for my child that is no longer with me. I am recovering from the separation, extreme isolation and realizing the trauma of all the psychological and spiritual abuse from an open adoption with Bethany Christian Services. I will always feel pain in my soul.

I am trying to build awareness about the horrible adoption agencies by networking with the adoption reform community for support and change so that no other teen mother experiences my pain.”

(Hawaii, USA)

Valerie lives in Hawaii where she works at an organic spa doing skincare. She is starting to raise awareness about adoption agencies who are not transparent with birth mothers through her Instagram on @underagebirthmother, Facebook on @aloha.shasta and on YouTube on @Underage Birthmother.