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Brian & Ashley Middleton

"I've always had a "calling" to adopt. I always knew it's what I wanted to do. I'm also passionate about helping out with charities/CAS etc. I'm often asked by others why I want to adopt because I can biologically have children. I do have a boy and girl of my own, but the dream has always been to adopt a brother and a sister for them, we would like two boys and two girls, and we are anxiously excited to expand our family.


To other hopeful parents out there, know whether birth or adopted, these children will not be your "fantasy" children. My birth children are not what I expected them to be. I had always pictured them to be like-minded as I but let me tell you how every child has their soul and destiny regardless. My son and daughter look more different than like me. I had a boy first not a girl like I always pictured, nor did she have blonde hair or blue eyes. You will still grow to love exactly who they are! I am most excited about the bonding that will happen between all four of our children and also to watch all our children grow up and live out their adulthood with the joys of large family gatherings and cherished close relationships."

(Toronto, Canada)

Dora, based in Toronto, is currently a stay home mother and has been for the past five years when she had her first child. Although they enjoy living with their extended family, they are excited to be moving into their new home to raise their children.