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Rachel & Alex Gaboric

“Since starting our adoption journey, we have been shown SO much love and support, but I can easily say this has been the most exciting and challenging journey of our life. In our five years of marriage, we have experienced more than most do in a lifetime! During our first year of marriage, Ashley spent three months of her life on death's door due to her autoimmune diseases, which led from us going from 2 incomes to 1 and three years of infertility. Since then, we have recovered physically, mentally, and financially. After many years of prayers and discussions, we started our adoption journey in March of 2019. We went through endless paperwork during the application process, spent weeks prepping our home for our home study, countless hours working in the nursery, SO many prayers, and more than anything researching and educating our self about adoption. We have spoken with one amazing expecting Mama that decided to parent. We are praying for her daily and speak with her often.


We have been the victims of an emotional scammer. We have been told about so many possibilities, but thus far, nothing has worked out. At the beginning of our journey, we were so uneducated about adoption in general. We have read so many books, blogs, and listened to adult adoptees voices. We researched the different type of adoptions and are hoping and praying for an open adoption! We pray our child's first family will always be a part of their life. The hardest part is the daily unknown. The sickening feeling that you may never be a parent. The comparison and self-judgment when looking at other hopeful adoptive families and thinking that you will never be good enough to be chosen by an expecting parent. Seeing the heart-breaking sadness in your spouses' eyes and not being able to do anything to console them. I can say with my whole heart my husband and I would take a lifetime of these days to be able to hold our precious child in our arms one day. When that day comes these feelings will vanish and it will all be worth it.”

(Berea, Kentucky, KY, USA)

Brian and Ashley are actively looking for open adoption. Check out their Facebook page @brianandashleyadoptand Instagram account @brianandashleyadopt.
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