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A Woman Without A Country: Adopted At Birth and Deportable at 30

7th July 2020

Autistic son given up for adoption by parenting YouTuber Myka Stauffer is ‘happy’ in his new home

4th July 2020

What It's like Trying to Adopt a Child During the Coronavirus Pandemic

29th June 2020

30 Years Ago, Romania Deprived Thousands of Babies of Human Contact

24th June 2020

I'm a Black mother who adopted a white baby. Here's why I carry his adoption papers.

23rd June 2020

I can relate to Myka Stauffer, the woman who gave away her adoptive son, because I once made the same decision she did

22nd June 2020

Indicted adoption attorney pleads guilty in Utah, still faces indictment in Arkansas

20th June 2020

Korean Adoptee Wins Landmark Case in Search for Birth Parents

12th June 2020

Our Lives Aren’t An “Adoption Journey” To Be “Shared”

10th June 2020

Two men say they were switched at birth in a West Virginia hospital 80 years ago after DNA tests showed they matched with each other's families

10th June 2020

Korean adoptee uses DNA test and historic court case to demand to be part of her birth family

5th June 2020

What YouTuber Myka Stauffer’s Adoption Story Can Teach Us

3rd June 2020

I was adopted outside of the US and have disabilities. I'm tired of the savior narrative among white adoptive parents.

3rd June 2020

The YouTuber who received backlash for 'rehoming' her adoptive son with autism said he 'wanted this decision 100%'


We Still Don't Know Exactly How The Stauffers Placed Their Adopted Autistic Son With Another Family

29th May 2020

Parenting YouTubers are receiving backlash from critics who say they 'rehomed' their adopted son with developmental disabilities after monetizing videos about him

27th May 2020

Why Korean author Cindy Wilson, who was raised in the US, feels ‘culturally black’

24th May 2020

Korean-American adoptee files landmark paternity suit against her biological father in South Korea

24th May 2020

Sia reveals she adopted teen boys who were aging out of foster care

20th May 2020

China abductions: Parents find son snatched in hotel 32 years ago

19th May 2020

Black Parents Who Adopt White Kids Face Unique Challenges

13th May 2020

Gerber's new baby Magnolia is the first adopted spokesbaby in the company's history

8th May 2020

An Adoption, a Pandemic and an Evacuation

6th May 2020

Finding the missing piece: What happens when adoptees become parents

1st May 2020

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins tell Kelly Clarkson story of daughter's adoption

30th April 2020

Transgender Man in U.K. Loses Appeal to Be Listed as Father

29th April 2020

‘Trying’ brings heart and humour to a story about adoption

30th April 2020

Freddy McConnell: Transgender man's bid to be named father fails

29th April 2020

Major Depression Reduced for Those Reared in Adoptive Homes

29th April 2020

2-Year-Old Arkansas Boy Adopted Over Zoom After Coronavirus Pandemic Canceled Court Hearings

26th April 2020

3-year-old who was adopted during pandemic gets parade celebration

21st April 2020

Returning to Korea as an adoptee changed the way I think about home

19th April 2020

What to Know Before Adopting a Child

18th April 2020

An Expert Shared How the COVID-19 Outbreak Is Changing the Adoption Process

15th April 2020

The Most Common Types Of Adoption If You Want To Grow Your Family

15th April 2020

A Loving Home: Virtual Adoption

13th April 2020

Four Brothers Adopted Together Find Their Forever Home

13th April 2020

UK Social Work Adoption Support Program Steps Up During COVID-19

9th April 2020

Dozens of American families and their newly adopted children are trapped overseas during the pandemic

8th April 2020

When adoption isn't right for you

7th April 2020

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