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At Udaan, not only do we share the stories from the adoption triad, but we also share breaking stories from around the world that are affected by adoption. 

How Coronavirus Is Affecting Surrogacy, Foster Care and Adoption

1st April 2020

In connecting Chinese adoptees to birth families, couple makes discovery about China's one-child policy

31st March 2020

Single Dad Adopts Girl with Down Syndrome Who Was Rejected by 20 Families

30th March 2020

Insights into the mind of someone who was adopted

24th March 2020

Coronavirus Is Isolating Some Kids In Protective Care From Parents And Services

22nd March 2020

Family comes first: Adoption changes little boy's life

19th March 2020

Number of children in kinship care up 70% in a decade

15th March 2020

Teen's reunion horror: She found her dad then he murdered her!

14th March 2020

Indian father takes on government after children adopted by U.S. couple

12th March 2020

Adoption hoax legislation heads to governor after Virginia woman faked pregnancy

11th March 2020

Sisters meet for the first time

10th March 2020

Baby abducted in ‘Aunt Mei’ case in 2005 reunited with family

11th March 2020

Bengaluru: Have suggestion on adoption? Write to authority directly

10th March 2020

Adoption valid only with proof of ceremony, wife’s consent: SC

8th March 2020

Single dad adopts 13-year-old who was abandoned 2 years earlier at hospital

2nd March 2020

Adoption: Landmark court ruling gives hope to KZN’s vulnerable children

1st March 2020

A story with sole: Virginia family launches shoe line that supports adoption

28th February 2020


27th February 2020

Michigan Adoption Fraudster Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

26th February 2020

'She’s a monster.' Couple says Tara Lee deserves no leniency in adoption scheme

25th February 2020

Remembering Steve Jobs on what would be his 65th birthday

24th February 2020

Legal adoption benefits parents, children

22nd February 2020

Adoption rate drops in Telangana due to legal issues

22nd February 2020

I went to try to find my birth mother, but was swept away like rubbish

22nd February 2020

Seattle adoption agency searches files to help adoptees uncover family secrets

20th February 2020

Korean adoptee searches for birth parents and 'big brother'

20th February 2020

Woman Reunites With Her Birth Mother More Than 50 Years After She Was Kidnapped

20th February, 2020

Man arrested after woman claims her own birth is proof her mother was raped

18th February 2020

Strangers Throw Surprise Baby Shower for New Parents on Plane Ride Home with Adopted Daughter

13th February 2020

Adoption — The Ultimate Act of Love and Sacrifice

13th February 2020

Agency’s move to stop foreign adoptions leaves few options in Michigan

12th February 2020

Local couple talks joys of adopting, fostering children

12th February 2020

Adoption: Nature and nurture

12th February 2020

What I Spent to Adopt My Child

11th February 2020

Families trying to adopt from China are facing indefinite delays due to coronavirus

11th February 2020

Buffalo birth mother desperate to find daughter after recent genetic and potentially fatal diagnosis

9th February 2020

Adoptive parents returned 179 children in last 3 years: WCD

7th February 2020

Commissioner Stegmann honored by Korean Society of Oregon

6th February 2020

Heartbroken Families Trying To Adopt Children In China Are Facing Indefinite Delays Due To Coronavirus

6th February 2020

It was just a normal morning. Almost exactly five years ago. I was making tea in the kitchen.

5th February 2020